Members of the Orchestra

Members of the Orchestra are a varied lot, with one passion in common: playing music. But we’re so busy playing, we often don’t know much about one another beyond which instrument we play. Here’s the backstory and click on links below for profiles of individual players. (Profiles by Joyce Vollmer)

Sandy Roadcap Concertmaster
Susan Moore, Principal Second
Kate Akos

Betsy Barsamian-Teman
Debra Bartling
Elena Bouton
Emily Bouton
Anna Brown
Erin DeBakcsy
Deborah A. Dulay
Fayola Edwards-Ojeba
Tracey R. Grasty
Vallerie Hardy
Mike Jelinsky
Matthew Johnston
Vanessa Li

Karen Lum-Nackley
Kana Luzmoor

Ralph Page
Barbara Cynthia Ross
Suzi Sargent
Diane Schoenfeld
Ray Spence
Valerie Suzawa
Lisa Thuesen

Duy Tran
Joyce Vollmer
Paula White

Betty RosenPrincipal 
Jessie Moravek, CoPrincipal
Nicholas Kish
Joanna Mackinson
Yvette Malamud Ozer

Jennifer Ziebarth, Principal
Sandra Baker
Eloise Bodine
Chris Brann
Anne Cademinos
David Creighton
Valerie Herr
Leigh Hollowgrass
Seán Mac Aodha
Jay Stebley

Thomas Hart
Joe Saah
Sandy Schniewind
Karl Sevareid
Richard Trevor
Jordan Walters

Flutes and Piccolo
Catherine Jennings
Martha Rosenburg
Genevieve Pastor-Cohen



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