Lecture Series

Prometheus Symphony Orchestra
2020-2021 Lecture Series
Eric Hansen, Music Director


Our Music Director, Eric Hansen, is offering a lively series of lectures about music, music theory and history. And you’re all invited to join us! Be amazed and entertained, learn new things, ask questions. There will be bad jokes. Online, from the comfort of your armchair, Sunday afternoons, bring your own wine. Lectures will be recorded so you can listen whenever you’re free.

Eric will delve into the main composers, the important developments of the orchestra genre/musical form, the changing makeup of the orchestra (types of instruments, size of the orchestra and who were the musicians), the cities/countries that produced flourishing orchestras and regional styles, who supported orchestras and the effect that had (religious vs secular), who was in the audience, and what were musicians’ lives like?

We hope you enjoy these terrific music talks by Eric, just as you do at our concerts. And of course we hope you are inspired to make a donation as a token of your appreciation, to help Prometheus make it through these times when we cannot play for you.

>> There will be links to each of theses lectures as we get closer so check back regularly <<

3pm Sunday October 25
The Baroque Period


3pm Sunday November 8
The Classical Period


3pm Sunday November 22
The Romantic Period


3pm Sunday December 25
Modern/20th Century–21st Century

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