Pitch In!

Requested Member Contributions: All regular orchestra members are expected to contribute $150 each semester, due in September and January. You can pay by check or online on the Membership Contributions Page.

Rehearsal Refreshments: Refreshments during rehearsal breaks are a good way to socialize with your musician colleagues in addition to improving the quality of rehearsal breaks. We need your help here; refreshments need not be extensive. There are enough of us that a single member probably only needs to do this once per semester. Please see the sign up sheet in the hall outside the rehearsal room or talk to Karl Sevareid  (bass) who coordinates this activity. 

Program Ads: We encourage members to solicit local businesses to place ads in our concert programs. Members can also place ads “in honor” of a family member or loved one. Please contact John Gilbert or Erin DeBakcsy for details. An application for program ads can be found HERE. 

Get The Word Out: The bulk of our audience comes from associates of our orchestra members but we strongly encourage the general public to attend. To help build our audience, the Orchestra generates attractive flyers and postcards in advance of each concert. Please send these postcards to anyone you think might be interested in attending our concerts and post flyers at businesses and work places. 

Corporate Matching of Donations: Some Orchestra members work for companies that match charitable donations or, in some cases, volunteer efforts. The Prometheus Symphony Orchestra is a non-profit organization under the US Tax Code section 501(c)(3). Members are encouraged to use this matching program to double any contributions they make to the Orchestra. For more information, contact  John Gilbert (timpani). 

Share Your Ideas: We strive to increase the size of our string section, the size of our audience, and the quality of our performances. We also endeavor to increase our recognition among the community. Our own members are our most effective promoters and recruiters. Share your ideas with a Board Member. Volunteer to participate in outreach activities. Talk to Eric about potential new string players.

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