Orchestra Policies

COVID-19 Update Feb 2022 – Board of Directors Policy:  
1) Orchestra members are required to continue wearing masks at all PSO events (rehearsals and concerts) until further notice.
2) Orchestra members who develop symptoms of an infection such as
fever, chills, dry cough, loss of taste or smell, etc. OR who have been in direct contact with someone who has COVID-19 are REQUIRED to inform the COVID Response Committee at covid@prometheussymphony.org immediately, stop attending rehearsals, and follow the flow chart for exposure HERE.

Rehearsals: 7:15-9:45 pm on Mondays, including all holidays. (No rehearsals during Winter Holidays or summer break). Arrive by 7:15 to help setup and to warm up. Baton falls promptly at 7:30. Please stay to help take-down after the rehearsal. Dress rehearsal: Wednesday before the concert. Pre-concert warm-up: 2 hours before concert. Please allow time to park and help with setup.

Vaccines:  All musicians rehearsing and performing with the Orchestra are required to be fully vaccinated.

Location: Before each rehearsal, check the Rehearsal Schedule (link on top bar of website) to learn if we’re meeting at Merritt College or elsewhere. Some rehearsals are strings only or sectionals so check to see when you need to appear. The Dress Rehearsal is at concert site. Notice of last-minute changes are only provided on the website, i.e. no calls or emails.

Music Parts:  Download and print your part before the first rehearsal of each set. Concert repertoire  can be downloaded from a link on the website under the Rehearsal Schedule tab (works in the public domain). Rented/printed parts are provided only for music not available online. Rented parts must be returned at concert.  This is important to avoid late/missing charges. Mark your parts with tempi and dynamics given by Eric. Please number measures to save rehearsal time, if your part has no numbers.

Attendance at Rehearsals Joining Prometheus is a rewarding and joyful experience. To maximize our limited time together, all parts should be heard for effective rehearsals, especially the dress rehearsal and pre-concert warmup. Please notify your section leader if you canot attend. Winds and percussion: please find a substitute and notify your section leader (their emails listed on For Members page of website)..

Vacancies and Instrumentation: Section Leader Responsibilities:  Section leaders are responsible for filling vacancies or recruiting players for augmented instrumentation. Please check scores well in advance so extra players can be recruited before first rehearsal of the set.

Rehearsal courtesies (Obvious, but worth remembering): We need every minute of rehearsal to produce quality performances! So, arrive on time, allow for traffic and parking. Stay until the end (Eric tries to stop promptly at 10:00). Avoid being “shushed” – limit talking to essentials, use ppp voice. Help others who didn’t understand so Eric doesn’t have to repeat. Don’t practice while he works with others.

Concerts  –  Concert dates: see Season/Current Season page of the website for the five concerts and the repertoire planned for each. Concert times: Sundays at 3:00 pm. Pre-concert talk by Music Director Eric Hansen at 2:40 pm. Call time for setup/warmup is 1:00 pm. Be prepared to help with setup. Concert dress: Women: black dress or pants. Men: black tux or suit, white shirt & bow tie, OR black shirt. Location: St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Oakland, 116 Montecito Ave. See website for directions.

Music Stands & Lights: Please bring your own. The Orchestra has a few Manhasset stands at Merritt that members may borrow for a concert, but must be returned at the next rehearsal (don’t keep it over summer). Bring a battery-powered stand light since the Orchestra does not provide stand lights or cords. If you need a battery powered light, a good quality, inexpensive, 14 LED light can be purchased from Amazon.com.  Other acceptable lights can be found on Amazon and ebay.

Audience: We love their enthusiastic applause, but their attendance and donations are essential. Admission is free. We depend on you to get them to come. Use flyers and postcards to spread the word. Add friends’ emails to our mailing list by using the Mailing List tab on our website, so they receive reminders before every concert.  

Membership Contributions: Requested Membership Contributions are essential to PSO’s survival. Regular orchestra Members are requested to contribute $150 each term (by September 15 and February 15). Or, you may contribute $60 per concert. Friendly email reminders will help you remember whether you’re up to date.
How to pay: The easiest is by credit card on the website’s For Members section.  Choose Membership Contributions tab and use the online payment form. You can also pay at a rehearsal: Allen (clarinet) accepts credit cards or checks (payable to Prometheus Symphony) Please note: No one is ever turned away for financial reasons; we will make adjustments to the requested amount because we want everyone to play. Speak in confidence to Allen, Bonnie or John for an adjustment. Additional donations: Members often donate more to help cover  our myriad costs (conductor, music, concert & rehearsal spaces, Merritt fees, insurance, season brochure, programs, flyers, postage, concerto competition, extra players, soloists). Requested membership contributions, audience donations and grants don’t cover everything, despite members’ volunteering and the Board’s economizing and hours of hard work. Your extra contributions are acknowledged in the concert programs. All your contributions are tax deductible. We’ll send you an acknowledgement letter in January! 

Admission to the Orchestra and Enrollment:

  • Admission to the Orchestra is by informal audition with Music Director Eric Hansen.
  • String players are always welcome. Wind vacancies are admitted only if regular players leave, but we often need substitute or extra players. Send inquiries to info@prometheussymphony.org for more information or to apply.
  • Prometheus’s relationship with Merritt College allows us rehearsal space if there is sufficient enrollment in Music 30 class. Enrollment  is required of orchestra members eligible under College rules that limit enrollment to three terms. Do not enroll unless Orchestra asks you to. The Orchestra determines eligibility and provides enrollment instructions. If enrolled, do not pay Merritt fees–the Orchestra pays all fees.
  • Minors (under 18) are welcome but must provide parent/guardian information—ask a Board member for a form. Adult members are not to be alone with a minor at rehearsal, concert or activity, including riding to concert or rehearsal. Minors needing a ride or having concerns, contact any Board member.

Member Roster – Contact Information:  Please update your information on the PSO Roster — We need your current email and phone numbers. Members are usually contacted by email (including messages from Eric), but sometimes by phone. Please check the Roster to see if your listing is accurate. Ask Karl (bass) or Bonnie (bassoon) for the link to access the Roster online. The Roster is Read Only access for members; only Board members can update listings. Confidentiality: The Roster is only for Orchestra business and communication between members. Please do not share Roster information with anyone outside the Orchestra.

Volunteering and Fundraising:  Everybody volunteers, so don’t be shy. Talk to a Board member with your ideas. Members setup for rehearsals and concerts; provide rehearsal refreshments and concert concessions; do publicity (distribute flyers, postcards); bring friends, neighbors, colleagues to concerts; solicit program ads; get grants; plan parties; chat with the audience; offer venue ideas.   Matching grants: Does your or your spouse’s employer have a program that would match your own contributions (donations, time, etc.)? Many do, so please ask yours. Talk to Sandy (violin) or John (timpani). Program ads and personal tributes: Can you think of a business that might buy an ad in our concert programs? Our fees are modest (rates on website under the Support Us tab). Talk to Erin (violin) about soliciting ads. Ads can also be purchased to  honor a mentor, friend, family member or special event with a personal item in a program.

Questions or ideas? Talk to a Board member. Or email us at promboard@PrometheusSymphony.org 

2021-2022 BOARD OF DIRECTORS and areas of responsibility

John Gilbert (timpani) President: orchestra administrator; webmaster; concert program production; season brochures; publicity; venue liaison
Bonnie Bogue (bassoon) Vice President: publicity; grants; history; policies committee; production checklists; ushers; winds committee
Sandy Roadcap (violin) Secretary: concerto competition; concert concessions; program ads; strings committee ; donation acknowledgements
Allen Habel (clarinet) Treasurer: budgeting/finances; member payments; donations records; merchandise
Barbara Hodgkinson (oboe): hospitality committee; fundraising; winds committee
Hilary Thompson (horn):  brass committee, grants, publicity
Joyce Vollmer (violin): orchestra member profiles; publicity chair; concerto competition;  coordinator concert concessions; strings committee
Karl Sevareid (bass): Roster manager; rehearsal refreshments; concert set-up coordinator; printer/post-office liaison, strings committee
Keith Sklower (oboe): Concert recordings, winds committee
Rich Trevor (bass): Assistant Treasurer; concert site liaison; concert setup coordinator; concessions; website and technology committee

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