Orchestra Policies

Attendance at Rehearsals: Joining Prometheus is a rewarding experience. Every player is needed at every rehearsal to maximize our limited time together. Please notify your section leader (see list below) if you are unable to attend a rehearsal. Woodwind, brass, and percussion players are requested to find a substitute and notify your section leader who is subbing — we need all parts covered for the benefit of the orchestra as a whole.

Starting rehearsals: Each member is to arrive by 7:15, to help other members complete chair/stand set up and get their own instrument for tuning at 7:25 and downbeat at 7:30.  Eric always lets us out at 10:00 sharp, so rehearsals need to start on time with all players in their seats. Late arrivals are disruptive, and may cause key parts to be missing when rehearsal commences.

Dress Rehearsal and concert warm-up: Attendance at the dress rehearsals (Wednesdays, 4 days before each concert) is mandatory! It is critical that all key players are present at the dress rehearsal and the pre-concert warmup. Please make appropriate arrangements for any conflicting obligations.

Rehearsal Time: Each member is to immediately mark their part with the dynamics, tempo and other markings that Eric provides either in writing or verbally, so he doesn’t have to use rehearsal time to repeat. Please number measures before the second rehearsal to facilitate locating passages. Each member is expected to focus and help their stand partner or neighbor to focus on what Eric is saying. Talking is limited to essentials, so nobody feels prompted to “shush” their neighbors (which irritates everyone).

Music Parts: Public Domain parts (non-rented) can be found by using the link on the Rehearsal Schedule page. Musicians are responsible for printing their own parts and bringing them to rehearsals. Printed parts will be provided only for music that is not available for players to print for themselves. If you have difficulty downloading or printing, consult your section leader (see below). Rented parts must be returned at the end of the concert in which they are performed. 

Minors  (under 18) are welcome. They must provide parent/guardian contact information–ask Lindsay (violin) or Bonnie (bassoon) for a form. Adult orchestra members are not to be alone with a minor at any rehearsal, concert or activity, including riding to rehearsals/concerts. Minors are not to do any heavy lifting while helping with setup. Minors needing a ride or having concerns or questions, talk to or email any Board member (emails on the Roster).

Enrollment: Prometheus is associated with Merritt College as a music class, which entitles us to rehearsal space. Enrollment in the class is required of all members who are eligible (under Merritt’s rules) so we can maintain class status. Do not enroll unless requested by the Orchestra, which determines individuals’ eligibility and provides enrollment instructions. Individuals do not pay fees to Merritt – the Orchestra handles all fees. Direct enrollment questions to Eric or Bonnie (bassoon)

Concert Dress: Men: Tuxedo or black suit and bow tie; women: black long dress or pants. 

Music Stand Policy: Manhasset stands (with Merritt College painted on them) are property of Merritt College. Orchestra members may borrow a stand to take to a concert or rehearsal. The stand must be returned as soon as possible after the concert and cannot be kept over the summer. The orchestra does not transport stands, so be prepared to carry it to and from, or bring your own. In general, it’s a good idea to bring your own stand to rehearsals, as we don’t have enough Manhassets for everyone. 

Stand Lights: The orchestra no longer provides stand lights or power cords. Members are are encouraged to bring their own battery-powered stand lights.  If you need one, a good quality, inexpensive, 14 LED light can be purchased from Amazon.com.  Other acceptable lights can be found on Amazon and ebay

Section Leaders Contact Information

Upper Strings: Joyce Vollmer, 510-548-8086; joycevollmer@gmail.com
Lower Strings: Jennifer Ziebarth 510-299-9056; jennifer.ziebarth@gmail.com
Woodwinds: Catherine Jennings, crjennings64@gmail.com
Brass: Bruce von Kugelgen, 510-531-1295; bruce@vonkugelgen.com
Percussion: John Gilbert, 510-525-3323; president@prometheussymphony.org

Members Roster Access: Members are encouraged to check the Orchestra Member’s Roster for accuracy.
To obtain a link to the roster contact any Board Member, who will provide you with a sharable link via email.
Use this link to view the roster. If you see something incorrect, please let Karl Sevareid (bass) know or, better,  email him at: karlsevareid@comcast.net.  Users are not permitted to edit the roster themselves.
It goes without saying that the roster is exclusively for official Orchestra business ONLY!.   

Download the Member’s Information sheet (info on this page) HERE
Prometheus By-Laws and Polcies – 2014-15 Download 

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