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Members: Check the >Rehearsal Schedule< <– here. (You can download a PDF version of the information on this page HERE )

Violinist2013-14 Concert Dates: The Board of Directors welcomes all new and returning members to the 49th Season (2013-14). Concert dates for this season are: September 29, November 17, January 26, 2013, March 23, and May 18.

New Feature – Recordings of previous concerts. Listen to or download mp3 formatted recordings of our concerts.
See the Season Page for download links (control-click or right click to download)

MEMBERS – IMPORTANT: Check the Rehearsal Schedule for rehearsal and performance dates and locations plus instructions for printing out your parts. Check before each rehearsal for changes in locations or emergency cancellations. Last minute revisions (appear in BLUE). Do not expect to be notified personally of last minute changes.
· Most rehearsals are in Oakland at Merritt College, Building P Room 307 (see the Campus Map).
· Occasional rehearsals are held at Church on the Corner in Albany, 1319 Solano Ave (at Pomona Street) MAP
· Concerts are held at Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in Oakland.

Rehearsals: Regular rehearsals are Mondays from 7:30 – 10:00 pm. Please arrive before 7:15 pm to set up the room, unpack your instrument, and be ready to tune at 7:25. The baton falls at 7:30 pm. A dress rehearsal is held during the week prior to each concert (on Wednesday at 7:30 pm unless otherwise announced). A warm-up rehearsal starts two hours before each concert. The first season rehearsal is Monday, August 19, 2013, and first January rehearsal is January 6, 2014. We rehearse on holidays that fall on Mondays, including Labor Day, usually at the Church On The Corner site. We do not rehearse during the Winter Holidays (Dec 16 & 30) or during the summer.

Attendance at Rehearsals: Joining Prometheus is a rewarding experience. Every player is needed at every rehearsal to maximize our limited time together. Please notify your section leader (see list below) if you are unable to attend a rehearsal. Woodwind, brass, and percussion players are requested to find a substitute and notify your section leader who is subbing — we need all parts covered for the benefit of the orchestra as a whole.

Music Parts: Public Domain parts (non-rented) can be found by using the link on the Rehearsal Schedule page. Musicians are responsible for printing their own parts and bringing them to rehearsals. Printed parts will be provided only for music that is not available for players to print for themselves. If you have difficulty downloading or printing, consult your section leader (see below). Rented parts must be returned at the end of the concert in which they are performed.

ViolistsEnrollment: Prometheus is associated with Merritt College as a music class. Members’ enrollment in that class is handled only by the orchestra, not by individual members. Do not attempt to enroll on your own or pay fees directly to Merritt College. If you receive a letter from Merritt College requesting that you register and pay fees, give the letter to Keith Sklower (oboe & Personnel Manager). Your membership in Prometheus Symphony Orchestra is independent from enrollment in the college class. (See about DUES, below)

Concert Dress: Men: Tuxedo or black suit and bow tie; Women: black long dress or pants.

Concert Parking at St. Paul’s: Parking space is occasionally available directly across Bay Place from St Paul’s (enter on the west side of Bay). Otherwise parking is available on the street, but may take some time to find. Please allow enough time to park and be ready to set up for warm-up rehearsal.

Music Stand Policy: Manhasset stands (with Merritt College painted on them) are property of Merritt College. Orchestra members may borrow a stand to take to a concert or rehearsal. But the stand’s number and the borrower’s name must be given to Sandy Roadcap (violin). Removal of a stand without permission is not allowed. The stand must be returned as soon as possible after the concert and cannot be kept over the summer. The orchestra does not transport stands, so be prepared to carry it to and from, or bring your own. In general, it’s a good idea to bring your own stand to rehearsals, as we don’t have enough Manhassets for everyone.

Stand Lights: The orchestra owns a supply of stand lights with electric chords, which are transported to concerts and dress rehearsals for members to use. You may bring your own battery operated light.



We strive to increase the size of our string section, the size of our audience, and the quality of our performances. We also endeavor to increase our recognition among the community. Our own members are our most effective promoters and recruiters. Share your ideas with a Board Member (see who they are, below). Volunteer to participate in outreach activities. Talk to Eric about potential new string players.

· Dues: All regular orchestra members are expected to pay dues of $150 each semester, due in September and January. Checks should be made payable to: Prometheus Symphony Orchestra and given to Bruce von Kugelgen (trombone, Treasurer) or John Gilbert, (timpani, President). Dues envelopes are provided at rehearsals. Anyone finding it difficult to pay the full amount should speak to the President or Treasurer about an accommodation. No one will be turned away for financial hardship. Regular members who do not play all concerts may request to pay $50 per concert in lieu of semester dues. Invited players (substituting for a regular player or covering special instrumentation) are not required to pay dues.

· Additional Contributions: We encourage everyone to contribute as much as they can; we are particularly grateful for additional contributions in excess of the dues amount. Contributions are tax deductible as charitable contributions and help cover our expenses. Prometheus is operated solely by orchestra members who volunteer their time in addition to paying dues.

· Program Ads: We encourage members to solicit local businesses to place ads in our concert programs. Members are also permitted to place ads “in honor” of a family member or loved one. Please contact Ralph Anderson or Bruce von Kugelgen for details. An application for program ads can be found HERE.

· Rehearsal Refreshments: Refreshments during rehearsal breaks are a good way to socialize with your musician colleagues in addition to improving the quality of rehearsal breaks. We need your help here; refreshments need not be extensive. There are enough of us that a single member probably only needs to do this once per semester. Please see the sign up sheet in the hall outside the rehearsal room or talk to Paco (tuba) who coordinates this activity.

· Get The Word Out: The bulk of our audience comes from associates of our orchestra members but we strongly encourage the general public to attend. To help build our audience, the Orchestra generates attractive flyers and postcards in advance of each concert. Please send these postcards to anyone you think might be interested in attending our concerts and post flyers at businesses and work places.

· Corporate Matching of Donations: Some Orchestra members work for companies that match charitable donations or, in some cases, volunteer efforts. The Prometheus Symphony Orchestra is a non-profit orgnaization under the US Tax Code section 501(c)(3). Members are encouraged to use this matching program to double any contributions they make to the Orchestra. For more information, contact Sandy Roadcap (violin) or John Gilbert (timpani).

· Members Roster Access: To access the Roster click HERE

Then enter the username:
Password: The one provided at rehearsal

After you’ve logged in, Click DRIVE on the BLACK menu bar. Then, “Shared with Me” at the top left
You can read but not edit the roster.
If you you see something incorrect, please let Catherine Jennings (flute) know or email:
It goes without saying that the roster is exclusively for official Orchestra business ONLY!

Download a copy of this information here (well soon anyway)

TromboneSection Leaders’ Contact Information:
Upper Strings: Joyce Volmer, 510-548-8086;
Lower Strings: Jennifer Ziebarth 510-299-9056;
Woodwinds: Keith Sklower, 510-642-9587;
Brass: Bruce von Kugelgen, 510-531-1295;
Percussion: John Gilbert, 510-525-3323;


Board of Directors:
John Gilbert (timpani), President
Bonnie Bogue (bassoon), Secretary
Jeffrey (Paco) Bellamy (tuba), Vice President
Keith Sklower (oboe), Personnel Manager
Bruce von Kugelgen (trombone), Treasurer
Catherine Jennings (flute)
Valerie Herr (cello)
Sandy Schniewind (contrabass)
Karl Sevareid (contrabass)
Joyce Volmer (violin)
Jennifer Ziebarth (cello)

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