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The Prometheus Symphony Orchestra is entirely supported by member dues and by contributions from you, our audience, in order to fund our Music Director and guest artist salaries, publicity, printing, rental of performance space, and rental of score and parts. Each concert costs about $2000 and expenses continue to increase. 

Sponsor Beethoven’s 9th!

We are providing a special opportunity for you to help us bring an exciting performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony to the community—a piece rarely performed by community orchestras. And we have an anonymous donor who will match all contributions up to $1,000! 

For just a $100 tax-deductible donation, the Beethoven concert program will prominently feature your name, the name of your family, or the name of a loved one. The program might read: “This performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony was made possible through the generosity of John Smithson.”

General Donations

The Prometheus Symphony Orchestra is a non-profit organization registered under section 501(c)(3) of the US Tax code.  As such, all donations to the Orchestra are deductible as charitable contributions.  We depend upon the generosity of our patrons to supplement member contributions. We have multiple giving levels and all gifts are acknowledged in our programs: 

Contributor · up to $24 

Supporter · $25 to $49 

Donor: $50 to $99 

Benefactor: $100 to $249 

Patron: $250 to $499 

Conductor’s Circle: $500 or more

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to help us bring fine concert music to people of all financial means. Won’t you please send a check today? Or use our PayPal link—send an email to indicate that you are donating for the Beethoven. 

John Gilbert, Ph.D.
President, Board of Directors
The Prometheus Symphony Orchestra
P O Box 3335
Oakland CA 94609-3335
(510) 525-3323

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