Lindsay Onodera

Lindsay Onodera, violin

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For some reason, it’s really hard to play violin when you’re working nights and weekends in a 24/7 field. And so you stop. But how did it come to that?

Well. Lindsay and her twin sister both started playing piano when they were about 8. Eh. That was ok. But when they were 10, their school offered them a choice of stringed instruments to play. That was it. Violin! No doubt. She played the rest of elementary school and then, in middle school, “they had an orchestra and that’s when it really got to be fun. It was social, community and performance-oriented.” Lindsay played all through middle and high school (when she also had private lessons) and on into college.

College was at UC Berkeley where she was an English major. And she joined the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra. Through the orchestra she enrolled in lessons taught by our very own Eric Hansen (this will become very important later). During college, Lindsay was also an editorial assistant on the Mark Twain papers, which sent her in the direction of editorial work.

After graduating, Lindsay went to work for Business Wire in San Francisco, editing press releases mainly about local high-tech and biotech companies. And working the night shift and on weekends. Can’t play in community orchestras when you work nights. “It was too boring to just play by myself at home.” So she stopped playing for about 9 years. Nine years! Until her twin came back into town from grad school. She motivated Lindsay to start playing again, now easier because she no longer works those night shifts. “I was afraid to start again after so much time off. I really had to work up the courage. And I was a little shaky at first.”

But she kept at it, and both sisters joined the San Francisco Civic Symphony for just one performance. “It was great, but I decided to look for another orchestra closer to home,” Lindsay says. She remembered that Eric had been conducting Prometheus Symphony when he had been her teacher. So she contacted him and asked if she might join Prometheus. YES! She’s been with us for four seasons now, and her sister joined us to play Beethoven’s 9th last year. But they keep their orchestras separate now so they’ll each have something of their own.

“I’m really glad I took up violin again. I love playing with Prometheus and plan to stay for a long time. I’m a lot happier now.” And we are too!

P.S. Lindsay was just elected to the Prometheus Symphony Board, one of our newest members. Thank you Lindsay!

~Joyce Vollmer

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